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SCARF and new Relationship Education and Health Education requirements

What’s changing?

From September 2020, schools in England will be required to teach Relationships Education and Health Education.

The new DfE statutory guidance now has 13 separate categories, including an emphasis on :

  • Mental Wellbeing*
  • Respectful relationships
  • Internet Safety and Harms
  • Online relationships

What about PSHE?

The new guidance covers most of a comprehensive PSHE education programme – but not all of it.

Economic wellbeing, caring for the environment, community, and rights and responsibilities are not included. But they are essential to meeting SMSC and Ofsted Personal Development requirements. This is why the PSHE Association is urging schools to continue with a comprehensive PSHE education programme.

The PSHE Association will publish updated Programmes of Study and related Toolkit in the Autumn term and  we will be updating the SCARF Lesson Plan framework to ensure that it continues to align to their Learning Opportunities and all the new elements of the Relationships and Health Education requirements.

How can SCARF help?

SCARF will have everything that you need to cover the new statutory requirements – in an easy, accessible and time-saving format.  We’ll do all the mapping, alignment and updates to our resources, so you can be confident that they continue to provide you with a comprehensive and manageable PSHE programme; one based on a best-practice spiral curriculum with progression and related assessment tools.

Saving you time

We’re doing all this planning and preparation for Relationships and Health Education so that you don’t have to. This includes detailed template policy and guidance for Relationships Education – and support for getting parents on board with the changes.

SCARF resources are flexible. They can be tailored to your pupils’ precise needs, without being too prescriptive. Or you can follow half-termly units and related assessment tools, where all the planning is done for you, if this works best for your school.

You can read more about the new requirements and how SCARF helps your school meet them. 

* NOTE: From September 2019 our mobile classroom and LifeSpace sessions will  have new Mental Health elements. These will support you in meeting the Mental Wellbeing elements of the DfE's new statutory guidance.  

Here's one school's feedback about the pilot of these updated sessions:

"An inspiring hour for each year group. Pitched at the right level and I like the way physical and mental health were given equal focus. The children loved it!"  (Teacher - Wiltshire)


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