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Picture Wise

Talking points

In this activity, you are asked to decide if it is ok to share the photo or not. The decision should be based on the rules and principles of safe and respectful sharing (see below for guidance)

Guidance for parents/carers - Sharing photos online is a fun and easy way to let our friends and family know what is happening in our lives. Photos can be shared through messages on mobile phones, emails, instant messaging, photo sharing websites and social networks.

Talk about safety

  • Explain that once a photo is posted online it can be copied (screenshot) and sent on to others. 
  • Photos can be altered digitally to make fun of - usually in a very unkind way - ridicule or embarrass others. 
  • A photo shared online can be downloaded and viewed or used by anyone in the world. 
  • Photos can be “geotagged” meaning that the exact location of the photo will be recorded and could be shared with others. 
  • Photos can be “captioned” by the person who took the photo. Other people – friends, family and strangers, may also be able to comment about the photo or the caption. Explain to your child that they should not reveal anything personal or private about themselves in the photo or in the caption that goes with it. 
  • Photos can be “tagged” on social networks. The “tag” identifies the name and identity of the person in the photo. It is good Cyber Ethics always to ask permission before “tagging” another person in a photo.
  • In the future face recognition software may be capable of searching out photos of individuals from many web sites. This means that photos we post now may be accessible in years to come. What we may consider funny or cute now may be embarrassing to us when we are older and applying for jobs etc.