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Working with children: how our educators can support you

Coram Life Education and our partners across England and Scotland can deliver four workshops directly to children. This enables schools to enhance their provision using expert educators, experienced in discussing sensitive issues in an age-appropriate way. Educators can provide advice on how best to plan the workshops to:

  • Complement lessons already delivered as part of a planned programme
  • Introduce a topic to pupils, at the same time modelling good practice that teachers can learn from and continue in the classroom
  • Cover elements of the Relationships Education requirements that teachers are less confident to deliver

For a free consultation on delivering Relationships Education in your school, call us on 020 7520 0364 or email cle@coram.org.uk

Educator-led Workshops

The key themes of puberty, growing and changing,  and keeping safe are covered by two strands of workshops. Strand 1 (dealing with changes at puberty) helps prepare children for stand 2:

Strand 1: Time for Change - growing up and moving on at puberty 

Strand 2: Growing and Changing, and Keeping Safe 


Time for Change puberty workshop  

Year 4 to 6 (England) P5 or 7 (Scotland). Children will:

  • Explore what the term puberty means
  • Understand that everyone is unique and feels a sense of worth
  • Understand that puberty involves physical, emotional and physiological changes
  • Recognise the names of female and male reproductive organs, and begin to understand their function
  • Identify ways girls and boys change during puberty including physical changes and possible emotional changes
  • Understand that emotions are affected by hormonal changes and these can be confusing at first
  • Understand the term 'menstruation' and know that this starts during puberty for girls but that different girls start at different ages
  • Develop resilience to deal with situations they may face as they reach puberty.

Growing and Changing and Keeping Safe workshops

Year 4 (England) and P5 (Scotland) - some prior knowledge of puberty is required. Children will:

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of the correct terminology for the reproductive organs and external sexual body parts
  • Begin to understand the idea of body ownership
  • Know and understand that no-one has the right to touch their body if they don't want them to
  • Develop of a range of responses to unwanted touch
  • Know and understand issues of privacy, and safe and unsafe touches (in relation to their body)
  • Understand key messages about identifying and talking to a trusted adult.


Year 5 (England) and P6 (Scotland) - some prior knowledge of puberty is required. Children will:

  • Be introduced to the theme of human reproduction
  • Understand and empathise with how some children may struggle during puberty and body changes
  • Know the correct terminology for reproductive organs and external sexual body parts
  • Know and understand the meaning of consent in relation to their body.

Year 6 (England) and P7 (Scotland) - some prior knowledge of puberty is required. Children will:

  • Learn the correct terminology for reproductive organs.
  • Know how sexual reproduction occurs between humans and other ways to create families
  • Know when to share information and when to keep it private
  • Reflect on and reinforce key information around privacy (in relation to their body).

Our Coram Life Education educators will be happy to discuss your precise requirements and tailor the content according to your children’s needs using the proposed sessions above or any online SCARF lessons.

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