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Traffic Lights

Talking points

Discuss these things as you play the game together...

Talk about safety

Looking at the traffic light at the start of the game.

Explain that for this game 'STOP', 'THINK', 'GO' mean the following:

  1. STOP (red light). If faced with a situation where we are being asked for personal information.
  2. THINK (orange light).  Is it ok to share this information? What information is being asked? Who is asking for it? Have I checked with an adult?
  3. GO (green light). I have checked with an adult, I know what information is safe to share. 

Talk about when to STOP

Always stop before sharing:

  • Your full name
  • Photos of yourself that may identify where you are, or name of school
  • Your full address
  • Name of your school or place of work
  • Full date of birth
  • Card numbers (credit, debit etc.)
  • Phone numbers
  • Before accepting friend requests from people you have never met.

Talk about when to THINK

Always think carefully before sharing:

  • Email addresses (especially if they contain the name of your school or workplace, or your full name)
  • Your age
  • Names of places you frequently visit, or sports teams you're a member of
  • Your post code
  • Information in online quizzes or surveys - these could be gathering private information that may be used in identity theft. 

Talk about when to GO ahead

It's ok to go ahead if:

  • The information you are sharing is not too personal
  • You've checking with a trusted adult first.

Click the NEXT button on the online activity.

You're now going to pretend to set up an account through an imaginary website. As you click on each line of the registration form the traffic light will flash to indicate if the answer is a 'STOP', 'THINK' or 'GO' response.

The final screen shows examples of information that is safe/unsafe to share.

How did you do?