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Health, Wellbeing and Drugs Education

Coram Life Education is the leading provider of health, wellbeing and drugs education to 675,000 children across the UK, delivered under the strapline ‘Helping Children Make Healthy Choices’. Trained Educators use evidence-based, interactive, creative methods and resources to stimulate curiosity and imagination amongst children in nearly 2,500 (12% of all) English and Scottish primary schools. Memorable life skills sessions are delivered in a mobile classroom driven into school grounds. Coram Life Education takes a three strand approach addressing children’s knowledge, skills and attitudes, and programmes are aligned with the National Curriculum (Citizenship, PSHE Education), covering all Key Stages. Coram Life Education helps schools meet their statutory requirements for children’s Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development, and Ofsted inspection criteria for personal development, behaviour and welfare. Coram Life Education’s programmes are also aligned with Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence.

Children’s experience of Coram Life Education’s sessions are fun, engaging and memorable. Children meet Harold the Giraffe puppet (‘Healthy Harold’), and friends, have discussions and watch short films about healthy eating, legal and illegal drugs and their effects, the body and how it works, friendships and their influence, and how choices and behaviours can affect dreams and aspirations.  Coram Life Education’s interventions include challenging social norms–misperceptions of peers’ engagement with risky behaviour–to engender more positive behaviours.

Coram Life Education has a distributed delivery structure in which 19 Delivery Partner charities and 4 Coram Branches deliver in local areas under agreement with Coram. Coram Life Education has a presence in the South West, London & South East, West Midlands, East of England, Bradford, North West, Northumberland and Aberdeenshire.