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This is an example of bullying because it is repeated hurtful behaviour not just a 'one off'.

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It's unfair to be treated like that and be called names for a mistake anyone can make.

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By emailing the photo with a mean comment to other people and continuing to send mean messages to Sam, Jess has been cyberbullying his friends.

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Jess should not have sent that email and called his friends mean names.

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In this situation, Yasmin was just trying to be fair. It was just an argument, not bullying.

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In this situation, Yasmin was just trying to be fair. It was just an argument, not bullying.

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Use this PDF worksheet to compare the differences between bullying and cyberbullying.

Emma's story

This is a bit embarrassing. At the sports sports day we had a relay. I'm an ok runner. I am not the fastest in my age group but I don't come last either.

Anyway, I was chosen as one of the four runners for the blue team. I had to run the last leg of the relay. Our team was coming first when I got the baton and it was my turn. I was so nervous; my heart was beating really fast and so loud I thought everyone would hear it! I was almost at the finish line when suddenly my feet got all tangled and I just tripped over.

I don't know why or how but suddenly I was face down in the grass and everyone was running past me.

Some people laughed at me, one of the teachers came to see if I was ok but one of the other girls on the blue team got really angry. She said I was hopeless. She called me an idiot and said the team lost because of me.

Well, I guess she is right - they did lose because of me but, ever since then she has been whispering to some of the other girls, telling them I am a loser. She sometimes walks past me and says "idiot", just loud enough so I can hear it but no one else can.

It's been going on for two weeks now and it's making me feel terrible.

Josh's story

I was mucking around with my friend Sam; we always do silly things together. We found a crazy dress up hat. I put it on my head and was making some really funny faces. Sam took a photo of me on his mum's phone and we emailed it to our friend Jess. We thought it would make him laugh.

I don't know why but Jess pasted the photo in an email he sent to heaps of the guys at school. He wrote in the email "Jack thinks he is so funny but he is just dumb"!

I didn't even know about it until I went to soccer training and Sam told me he had seen the email. He was really angry with Jess and had sent him a message saying it was wrong to make fun of me - now Jess has been sending him some emails telling him that he is an idiot and everyone in year 4 hates us both.

Sam and I don't know what we should do. Maybe Jess was just a bit jealous he wasn't there when we took the photo? Maybe he has never really been our friend at all?

Yasmin's story

I had an argument with my best friend Nadira. I wanted to play handball and she wanted to play skipping.

She always wants to get her own way so I told her we should take turns sometimes. She said I was being bossy and she started to get angry. I told her she was being a spoilt brat. She said I was a bully and she was going to tell the teacher.

I don't think I was being a bully. Was I?