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Here for teachers - free guidance and resources for all teachers

Free For All Teachers

Whatever your school's current circumstances, we're sharing with you resources and guidance about how to support children's (and your own) emotional health amidst ongoing uncertainty.

Our focus is on supporting children's mental wellbeing. There are also strategies that are useful for us all to work into our evolving routines. 

Back to school

Our Back to School with SCARF free toolkit will help all schools to support children's mental health during this time as schools re-open at different times and with different age groups.

Find out more about the reasons why over 30,000 teachers now choose to subcribe to SCARF for their PSHE education and to ensure that they cover all of the new DfE statutory requirements for RHSE.  

The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families website also contains useful information for support children at this time. 

Staying safe online - at home and school

CEOP - Child Exploitation and Online Protection - have created a package to help you support children and families during COVID-19 school closures, online safety at home.

There are separate packs for children of different ages.  We've sign-posted to these on our Help For Parents page, alongside free SCARF online safety resources. Please share this information directly with parents.

Look after yourself

Good mental health starts with looking after ourselves, so that we can better help others.

Here's some useful advice on how to do this from the charity Mind.

Looking after children's emotional health

Harold's Daily Diary  our loveable giraffe mascot, Happy, Healthy Harold's daily support for all children - whether they've met him in our LifeBus and LifeSpace work or not. Harold is giving daily ideas for keeping well - physically and emotionally - as schools are closed. 

Managing children's questions and concerns

For those of you still working in schools, or sending information out to parents, here are some tips on how to talk to children about coronavirus and minimise anxiety:

Keep it simple - tips from the BBC website.

Supporting children and young people with anxiety from the TES website.

Kiddle is a useful, safe source of information for children.

Free For SCARF Subscribers

We continue to respond to your requests. Please get in touch if you'd like to sign up for our free training and other resources detailed below

Free training and briefings for teachers

We're keen to help SCARF schools by delivering deliver free, virtual training for individual teachers or small groups.

Here's what's on the menu for you to choose from:

  • Ready for RSHE - briefings on understanding and implementing the new DfE statutory requirements.
  • Ofsted self-evaluation - a tour of our new audit tool that ensures your PHSE has everything covered.
  • Making the most of your SCARF resources - tailored briefing sessions to fit your needs.

SCARF subscribers click here for details about how to book these free sessions.


  SCARF home learning packs

We've developed some new SCARF lesson plans for you to add to your home learning packs. Based on our experience in Family Learning, these family-friendly plans will focus on children's mental and physical wellbeing. 

 SCARF subscribers click here for details about these plans and how to access them.

If you're not yet a SCARF school but interested in becoming one, or would like our free sample lesson plans then just contact us