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Delivering the new Health Education and Relationships Education curriculum in schools

Ann Shallcross May 22, 2019

Schools across England need to get ready for statutory Relationships and Health Education by 2020 – a challenging deadline, but one with the potential to bring great positive changes for children, and that we have been campaigning for along with other organisations for a number of years.

In anticipation of this we’ve developed our support services to schools: inset days, teacher training and not least by ensuring that our SCARF online resources are 100% ready to help them meet these requirements. Jan Forshaw, Head of Education and Lisa Handy, our Relationships Education Lead, explain more:

What have Coram Life Education been doing recently to help schools get ready for new Relationships Education requirements?

Jan:  We have anticipated this change for a while but it does not mean that there isn’t a huge amount of work involved in getting ready for it! We’ve updated all of our resources to make sure they are fully ready to help schools meet the statutory requirements. As well as this we’re running twilight training sessions across the UK, working directly with teachers to understand their concerns and help them prepare.

Lisa: As well as the Inset Days Jan mentions, we’ve run several day-long teacher training sessions. This has given us the chance to help teachers get an in-depth understanding of what’s required and also to help build their confidence and skills.


What sense do you have of how well teachers are prepared for the new requirements?

Jan: Although in a recent survey of our subscribers (now over 24,000 teachers) only 7% said that they feel fully ready for the requirements, the final guidance is still very new so that’s completely understandable. We want to reassure them that in fact, with SCARF, they don’t need to worry, and everything is covered. When we meet teachers face-to-face there is some anxiety about issues – in particular, how to get parents involved – but we can also help with that, through parents sessions that our educators offer, and our guidance documents. 

Lisa: We also provide teachers with a Relationships Education policy template and guidance. This has been developed to help schools meet the new statutory requirements around Relationships Education policy – it’s part of our SCARF online resources and accessible by all teachers who use SCARF. There are also specially made training films to help develop teachers’ confidence and skills in relation to delivering effective Relationships Education if they’ve not yet been able to take part in any training.  All of these resources are part of SCARF.

What more will you be doing to help teachers get ready in advance of September 2020?

Jan: We’ll continue to ensure that our resource is fresh and up-to-date. We’ve added new half-termly units and to take the stress out of deciding what and when to teach and assessment tools so that teachers can record progression and demonstrate the value of what’s being delivered. We’ll be running new training sessions and more Inset days, too – there could be one in your area!

Lisa: Yes, and don’t forget if you have a local delivery partner in your area, as well as running memorable sessions at your school, they can give you a free Relationships Education consultation to help you work out what’s needed and give you advice. Keep scanning our SCARF alerts for information if you are a subscriber, and stay up-to-date on Twitter and Facebook or signing up to our newsletter. And email us on cle@coram.org.uk if you have a specific question you would like us to answer. We want to hear from you!


Delivering the new Health Education and Relationships Education curriculum in schools

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