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bCyberwise: New Online Safety Resources for 8-11 Year-Olds

Jan Forshaw Sep 16, 2015

Coram Life Education is proud to announce exciting and comprehensive resources for children to learn how to be respectful and safe online and to promote positive cyber citizenship. New for September 2015, our educators have been trained to deliver these sessions to schools using a range of games, activities and videos to engage pupils fully in their learning.

Many of the skills and strategies that are taught in the Coram Life Education core programmes transfer from the real to the ‘virtual’ world; these skills are developed in the  bCyberwise sessions. Covering National Curriculum KS2 Computing requirements relating to internet safety, the bCyberwise Learning Outcomes will enable children to:

  • Describe the characteristics of positive interpersonal relationships
  • Describe safe and respectful behaviours when using communication technology
  • Identify responsible, self-protective assertive techniques to respond to unsafe or disrespectful online and offline situations
  • Identify strategies for keeping personal information safe online
  • Demonstrate strategies to deal with both face-to-face and online bullying
  • Demonstrate strategies and skills for supporting others who are bullied
  • Accept that safe, responsible and respectful behaviour is necessary when interacting with others online and face-to-face

bCyberwise resources include:

  • Warm-up games and activities
  • Drama activities
  • Specially made films
  • Pre-visit lesson outlines and follow-up lesson plans*
  • Interactive, online games to reinforce key messages*
  • Pupil activity sheets*
  • Comprehensive curriculum mapping tool
  • Key safety messages poster to display in school
  • Parental involvement elements – information, guidance and support

See our bcyberwise flyer Sept 2015 for further information or contact us at cle@coram.org.uk