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Pioneering teaching resource, The Adoptables’ Schools Toolkit, awarded The PSHE Association’s quality mark 

Ann Shallcross Dec 11, 2017

Coram Life Education’s Adoptables’ Schools Toolkit has been awarded the quality mark by The PSHE Association.

This prestigious accreditation, awarded by the leading authority on personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education, shines a spotlight on the important topic of adoption and adopted young people’s experience in school. 

The unique and interactive Key Stage 2 and 3 teaching resource is free to download and use with young people. It was developed with 16 – 25 year old ‘Adoptables Ambassadors’, a peer network of adopted young people who are part of the UK’s oldest children’s charity Coram. 

Schools around the country can benefit from compelling co-produced content covering sensitive and thought-provoking issues based on young people’s lived experience and the evidence and research from education specialists at Coram Life Education (CLE).

The Adoptables’ Schools Toolkit promotes inclusion and diversity, while helping adopted children feel more integrated into school life. It includes: - 

  • Teacher’s guidance and detailed lesson plans for interactive teaching for Key Stage 2 and 3, which link to the PSHE Association’s Learning Opportunities, as recommended by the Department for Education. 
  • Films of the Adoptables Ambassadors to help explain what being adopted is like, and how adopted young people can be supported and included in the classroom. 

The PSHE Association’s Subject Specialist, Lucy Marcovitch, said: "This is an accessible, easy-to-use resource which deals sensitively with the issue of adoption. As part of a planned, progressive PSHE programme, it can help develop pupils' empathy and awareness of adopted children and young people, including the challenges they may have faced. It would be a valuable addition to any school wanting to extend pupils' learning about relationships, and about difference and diversity within families and the community. The KS3 toolkit has the additional benefit of lesson delivery by an adopted young 'ambassador', if appropriate."

Nicola Frost, from The Brighton and Hove Virtual schools team, said: “We love the resource and want to roll it out across other schools. There is nothing else like this available and it is very much needed.”

Harriet Gill, Managing Director of Coram’s education programmes said:

“This endorsement by the leading authority on PSHE education is recognition of the value and quality of the Adoptables’ Toolkit for pupils and teachers. We are thrilled with the award; we hope even more schools will access it across the country, further demonstrating their commitment to supporting adopted young people in their school. We hope that after delivering the session and understanding the challenges adopted school children face, our schools’ toolkit will act as a platform for further support across the whole school.”

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