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Unlock Excellent Teaching and Learning with Coram Life Education's New SCARF Resource

Jan Forshaw May 13, 2015

In addition to all the follow-up resources that schools can use to embed the learning from the Coram Life Education mobile classroom sessions, we have now added resources which can help schools “unlock excellent teaching and learning strategies” (as one headteacher recently put it).

These resources include four short training films on different aspects of teaching and learning and are accompanied by teacher reflection sheets which can be used individually by teachers or as part of a staff meeting or inset session.

We have also just added observation and recording sheets which are designed to enable teachers to observe and assess their pupils’ use of spoken language – as defined in the 2014 National Curriculum – whilst they engage with the Coram Life Education sessions and resources.

This constantly growing bank of resources has been put together at the request of schools who value the consistently high quality of teaching and learning experiences which Coram Life Education provides.

The follow-up resources contain lesson plans, video clips, songs, PowerPoint presentations and activity sheets which can be used to fully extend and embed the Coram Life Education learning experience. Mapping documents show schools clear links between the National Curriculum, PSHE and the Coram Life Education resources and help to make planning PSHE that much simpler.

For more details head to our SCARF website www.coramlifeeducation.org.uk/scarf/ or contact us at cle@coram.org.uk to find out how to subscribe.