Keeping Happy and Healthy During Lockdown

1st- 5th of Feb is Share your Scarf week – supporting Children’s Mental Health Week.

We're giving your child's school extra SCARF at Home resources to promote children’s mental health by celebrating the SCARF values:


The theme for Children's Mental Health Week is Express Yourself! Being creative in any way - art, music, cooking, gardening -  anything at all, really - boosts our mental health.

Our current, restricted lives, often overloaded as we juggle work, home-schooling and the every-day tasks of caring for others, can affect our mental health, whatever our age.

Finding a few minutes each day - or even each week - to do something creative, is as important as daily exercise.

Here are some simple, creative activities that don't need a lot of equipment, just an imagination! Children and do these alone, or together with you!

We'd love you to share your child's finished poster of the day on our Facebook page - or you can email us at - to inspire others, sharing happiness - sharing your scarf!

It's just as important to look after your own mental health. We need to take care of ourselves if we're going to be able to take care of others. You'll find some tips for this in our help for parents and carers section.

Harold the giraffe getting ready to make his bird feeder - gathering ingredients
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About SCARF at Home activities

Information for parents and carers before you start using the SCARF at Home activities

Your child's school is sharing some activities with you to help keep children happy and healthy while they're at home. The activities support children's PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) education and have been provided by the UK's largest children's charity specialising in children's health and wellbeing, Coram Life Education and SCARF.

Coram Life Education and SCARF help schools to teach children valuable life skills needed to keep them happy, healthy and safe.

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