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The SCARF planning tool

We now have half-termly units for SCARF where all the planning is done for you, to save you time. 

Or you can create your own, bespoke plans using our flexible planning tool. 

Teachers are best-placed to decide what to teach and when, particularly in relation to children’s emotional health and wellbeing. Our newly-enhanced online planning tools let you:

  1. Build your own programme, selecting the SCARF lesson plans that best meet needs of children
  2. Choose from a range of suggested programmes - or your own -  and put it into a calendar for the year, where you can also mix SCARF plans from different year groups, to plan for progression with mixed-age classes

You can share your plans with other teachers in your school. 

If you're the subject leader, you can create and share plans for all the staff in your school.

Everything is safely stored online.


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