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What is in a SCARF lesson plan?

Every SCARF lesson plan is set out in an easy-to-use way and provides all the resources you’ll need to cover its learning outcomes including: 

  • Comprehensive lesson notes, some with additional guidance for dealing with sensitive or complex issues.*
  • All additional resources needed e.g. activity sheets, films, songs, online games. (All you need to provide is some basic equipment such as writing equipment or art materials).
  • Clear learning outcomes.
  • Fully covers the DfE statutory requirements for Relationships and Health Education through its spiral curriculum.
  • Links to the PSHE Association Programmes Programmes of Study learning opportunities, covering the requirements recommended in their Programme Builders.
  • Links to different National curriculum subjects addressed in the lesson, helping you to see how you can cover many requirements of the curriculum – from Science and English through to Computing and even History – through SCARF lessons.

Our new Ofsted Ofsted self-evaluation tool gives step-by-step guidance on how SCARF meets the new expectations about curriculum intent, implementation and impact.

*Before beginning, read our comprehensive guidance for creating a safe learning environment - essential for teaching about sensitive issues safely and confidently. 

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