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Curriculum: giving children the tools to cope and thrive

Giving children the tools to cope and thrive

Key question: what focus is given within the curriculum to social and emotional learning and promoting personal resilience, and how is learning assessed?


  • Effective, supported PSHE programme, embedded within the curriculum
  • Focus on life skills
  • Relevant curriculum, meeting children’s needs
  • Assessment for and of learning
  • Progression

Ofsted expectations 

The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is a key Ofsted judgement area. The inspection criteria states that the role of teaching is to promote learning and the acquisition of knowledge by pupils and to raise achievement, but also to promote the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC).

SCARF support

  • SCARF resources support this aim, both through lessons and its impact on wider school values.
  • Lesson plans promote excellent teaching and learning strategies; including principles of Growth Mindset.
  • Spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) aspects of both the taught curriculum and overall school ethos are explored throughout the SCARF curriculum resources.
  • Key safeguarding issues are explored through lesson plans designed to develop children’s life skills, helping them to be confident and safe. 
  • SCARF curriculum maps show you where different National Curriculum  or Curriculum for Excellence (Scotland)  subject requirements are also covered – saving time and making PSHE manageable within busy timetables. 
  • The subjects and issues navigation tool helps you to identify specific lessons quickly, for times when a particuar issue needs to be addressed.
  • SCARF resources support you in meeting the principles and requirements of teaching about British values.
  • SCARF’s Teaching and Learning films demonstrate positive teaching strategies that optimise children’s emotional state for learning. These can be used by individual teachers or as part of a planned Inset focusing on teaching and learning.
  • The Online planning tools support short, medium and long-term planning.
  • SCARF Assemblies help to introduce or reinforce key messages that promote social and emotional aspects of learning.