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Identifying need and monitoring impact

Assessing needs and ensuring effectiveness

Key question: how do we assess the needs of pupils and the impact of interventions to improve wellbeing?


Ofsted expectations

When inspecting the quality of leadership in and management of the school Ofsted inspectors should consider the effectiveness of monitoring and evaluation and the extent to which it is shared with governors. They should also consider how well the school meets the needs of all vulnerable groups of pupils.

Assessing and responding to the emotional health and wellbeing needs of children and learners, and taking steps to mitigate the impact this has on their capacity to learn can provide supportive evidence in relation to all key judgement areas.

SCARF support 

Our Tell Harold surveys provide information about children’s knowledge, skills and attitudes relating to sessions they’ve taken part in. Questions relate to emotional health issues, including managing emotions, assertiveness skills and an understanding of social norms theory.

Assessment for learning forms, designed to identify and record needs, can be downloaded from the the Teaching and Learning page. These  include evaluation of emotional health issues.

SCARF resources provide opportunities and specific tools for pupils to reflect on and record feelings, learning and ideas about the lessons they’ve taken part in.