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Working with parents/carers

Making the most of parental involvement opportunities

Key question: how do we work in partnership with parents and carers to promote emotional health and wellbeing?


  • Staff understand the value and impact of parental involvement.
  • Creating a welcoming, supportive environment and ethos for parents/carers.
  • Opportunities to help parents/carers develop parenting skills.
  • Provide appropriate information on school policies promoting social and emotional wellbeing and preventing mental health problems. 
  • Support service:  www.minded.org.uk  a DfE and DoH funded organisation providing support and guidance for parents/carers.

Ofsted expectations

The Ofsted inspection criteria expects schools to be engaging parents in supporting pupils’ achievement, behaviour and safety and their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Ofsted inspectors have a duty to have regard for the views of parents. Inspectors will also take account of the results of any surveys carried out or commissioned by the school.

SCARF support 

  • SCARF includes opportunities to involve parents, carers and other significant adults within children’s lives and the local community throughout its resource activities.
  • Special SCARF Assemblies can be adapted for parents/carers to come into school and find out about the values of the school and how children put these into practice.
  • Parents and carers are invited to sessions where mobile classroom visits take place to learn about our work and the central part that they play in helping their child to be physically and emotionally healthy.
  • Some Life Education regions provide workshops for parents, focusing on children’s physical and emotional health and development (ask your educator about availability in your area).