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Targeted Support

Ensuring swift access to referral services

Key question: how do we quickly identify pupils who would benefit from targeted support and ensure appropriate referral to support services?


  • Policy and processes for identifying at-risk children
  • Ensuring swift access to specialist provision through referral
  • Developing and maintaining links with support services
  • Supporting transitions of at-risk pupils

Ofsted expectations

Ofsted Inspectors will be interested in how monitoring ensure that individual children with identified needs are targets, and appropriate interventions secures, so that children receive the support they need, including through effective partnerships with external agencies and other providers.

SCARF support 

SCARF helps to develop a safe, supportive and respectful school environment.

Embedding SCARF values though our range or resources and tools can help vulnerable children develop the awareness and confidence to seek help when living with situations that put their mental health and wellbeing at risk.