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The Belonging Toolkit - accredited by the PSHE Association

For KS2 & KS3 (Eng) and P6-S3 (Sco)

The Belonging Toolkit is free to schools and was co-produced between Coram Life Education and Coram's Young Citizens - young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds - who gave invaluable insight into the experiences of migrant children and young people.

The Belonging Toolkit is professionally accredited by the PSHE Association, as featured here.

PSHE Association accreditation summary of the Belonging Toolkit

“The engaging activities and videos in this resource encourage and enable sensitive discussion around the importance of inclusion and empathy towards pupils from migrant backgrounds. Lessons safely explore some of the challenges faced by these pupils as well as developing a shared understanding of the importance of belonging. Optional extension activities provide further opportunities to develop pupils’ learning and understanding of how to make their school a welcoming place for everyone. This resource will make a valuable and high-quality contribution to both primary and secondary schools’ PSHE provision.”

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The Belonging Toolkit was funded by The Queen's Trust, with professional review by Louise Augarde, Life Education Senior Educator, Cambridgeshire PSHE Service.

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