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Confidence with numbers

Special assemblies and resources, designed to develop children's confidence with numbers

We know that for many children, maths is a daunting subject and one that can cause feelings of anxiety and fear. We want all children to feel that they can do maths and through these assemblies, we challenge children’s perceptions about maths the subject. 

Coram Life Education and Coram Beanstalk have created resources that are free for all primary schools. 

Resources for schools

This series of five assemblies, funded by the financial institution TPICAP, has been specially created to develop children's confidence with numbers and maths. Through them, we aim to help change children’s attitudes and feelings towards the subject.

Although not an integral part of the SCARF PSHE and Wellbeing curriculum resources, the Confidence with Numbers assemblies use similar strategies and support the metacognitive approach to learning that characterises SCARF lesson plans. 

Resources for parents and carers

Additional guidance and support for parents - including understanding and helping children to overcome maths anxiety - are a key part of the resources.

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For teachers: assemblies and additional guidance

For parents and carers: resources and guidance     

colourful photograph of different numbers piled on top of each other.