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Confidence with numbers: understanding and overcoming maths anxiety

“A negative emotional reaction to mathematics, leading to varying degrees of helplessness, panic and mental disorganisation that arise among some people when faced with a mathematical problem.”   The Maths Anxiety Trust - definition of maths anxiety.

Understanding the cause of children's maths anxiety or even just finding out what to do if faced with it can help us to feel more confident tackling it. 

This page brings together guidance from a range of organisations, each providing information that will help you understand why maths anxiety occurs along with strategies for helping your child overcome it.

National Numeracy - understanding maths anxiety 

White Rose Maths - facing maths anxiety                   

Oxford Owl guidance                                                                        

Third Space Learning Blog                                            

BBC Radio 4 - Bringing up Britain                               


With thanks to Coram Beanstalk for their support, insights and creative input into this project.

Photograph of primary-age boy struggling with maths homework and looking despondent.