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The Impact of our Work

Coram Life Education programmes reach almost half a million children every year, and are delivered in 2,004 schools which represents 1 in 12 of the English and Scottish primary school sector. A Theory of Change, informed by an Outcomes Framework, focuses on reducing health inequalities amongst children.

679 school staff provided feedback to CLE during the 2017 to 2018 year, and we found out from this that:

  • 98% of all school staff would recommend CLE to another school.
  • 78% of senior staff (PSHE coordinators and head teachers) agree that CLE contributes to their school's strategies for raising achievement.
  • 74% of senior staff (PSHE coordinators and head teachers) strongly agreed that the content of CLE sessions were good.
  • Following our programmes, 89% of children who had participated said they know how to be assertive with other people including friends.

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