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The Impact of our Work

Coram Life Education programmes reach almost half a million children every year, and are delivered in 2,041 schools, which represents 1 in 10 of the English and Scottish primary school sector. Over 30,000 teachers subscribe to our online SCARF programmes, and our aim is to improve the wellbeing, resilience and achievement of all children so that they can thrive.


3,332 children and 394 school staff provided feedback to CLE during the 2018/19 academic year, and we found that:

98% were very satisfied or satisfied with CLE 

97% would recommend CLE services to another school

91% of children thought what they had learnt and talked about would help them in the future.


Last year, two Ofsted feedback reports in SCARF schools stated that:

“Behaviour is good. Most pupils are motivated and want to do well. Developing pupils’ resilience, ‘self-regulation of behaviour’ and desire to learn is important. This is developed through a well-planned personal, social, health and emotional education programme. There are rewards for pupils doing well, and successes are shared widely”.

“Parents’ and pupils’ positive experience of school has been achieved through a thorough review of the vision and values for the school, and through careful policymaking and delivery. All staff and pupils understand the SCARF code, which promotes safety, care, achievement, resilience and friendship. The focus upon warm relationships of mutual respect creates a calm and purposeful atmosphere for learning. This is complemented by bright, colourful displays which celebrate pupils’ contributions as well as their achievements. Pupils are confident for their age and are used to engaging with adults in conversation. They do not shy away from talking animatedly about their learning”.


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Since school closure in March, we have repurposed our offer to support teachers, parents and children by offering free toolkits and resources focussed on children's wellbeing and resilience. Here are some quotes from teachers using our resources, and our full impact report for 2019/2020 will be available later this year.

'The Back to School with SCARF toolkit has been instrumental in our planning for children's health and wellbeing as they return to our Academy or continue to work from home. It has enabled us to provide a PSHE programme of learning, taught through the SCARF values, which is accessible for our youngest children in nursery through to our year 6 children and parents and carers at home. The toolkit allows us to come together as an Academy with virtual assemblies each week linked to a new value and certificates at the end of each week which we can send home to families. The support and guidance we have received as an Academy from the team at Coram Life Education, has been hugely significant in the planning for health and wellbeing in the re-opening to our children, families and staff'.


Sarah, Harris City Academy Crystal Palace, London.

 'SCARF has made such a difference to our school. Teachers love teaching the lessons, everything is in one place, easy to find, with all the resources available. In pupil interviews, our children speak so highly of the SCARF wellbeing lessons, and they relate what they have learned to everyday life and the decisions they take. Pupils absolutely love talking about SCARF, and the impact of the skills and strategies they learned months and months ago. The support and help from your team has also been wonderful, it makes all the difference'.

 Samantha Chapman, Assistant Head Teacher, Roseacre Primary Academy, Blackpool