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About LifeSpace

Coram Life Education has worked with industry experts, teachers and our own educators to design a modern, portable pop-up classroom that offers an exciting, stimulating and memorable environment for children to experience our Educator-led workshops.  

LifeSpace, delivers the ‘wow factor’ to children across the UK – it’s also better for the environment!

Inside LifeSpace children have an enriching, immersive experience in an environment that includes lighting effects, large screen, technology to help them look inside the human body and find out how it works, immersive and – of course – Harold, the giraffe puppet and his friends.

Life Space
Educator, Guy, with Harold the giraffe.

The LifeSpace experience

Teachers and children who’ve experienced LifeSpace tell us how excited they feel about the interactive and inspiring learning environment of Harold’s new home, and how it offers more space – particularly valuable with larger groups of children. Harold is also doing his bit for the environment. 

Where LifeSpace isn't an option – for example when there's no room in your school to accommodate it – our LifeBase workshops offer the same, interactive and inspiring content, delivered in your own classrooms.

Contact your local team to check availability of these workshops and LifeSpace for your school.

What teachers say...

“The LifeSpace was a great experience for all the children in our school. The session was personalised for our children and their needs. The children really focus during the sessions and engage well in the content.”

Teacher, Bromley

"The pop-up classroom is extremely engaging for the children. They learn so much and can still recall what was covered a year on when the classroom returns. The educator is fantastic with the children and makes the relationship with Harold so special for ks1. The lessons that are part of the PSHE scarf units are easy to follow and I feel confident I am covering the whole of the PSHE curriculum and more!" (Gloucestershire)

Teacher, Gloucestershire

“SCARF has helped our school teach lessons that cover all areas to manage the children's well-being. The LifeSpace gives the children an opportunity to learn more from the educator and Harold and become more aware of how to look after their body.”

"I think our SCARF programme supports the 'whole' child as well as supporting other curriculum areas [in addition to PSHE] such as science. The LifeSpace is a wonderful addition to the PSHE lessons and allows children to have their voice heard in a different setting."

Teachers, Essex