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Coram Life EducationSCARF

SCARF Live Online workshops for 3-11 year olds, delivered directly into your classroom 

Our educators are now delivering new, innovative and exciting online workshops, using online platforms such as Zoom.

Each workshop's content is specially designed for an online teaching approach, creating an interactive, engaging, informative and memorable session.

Workshops work alongside our SCARF online curriculum resources, ensuring that you cover all PSHE and DfE RSHE statutory requirements.

The workshops cover the physical aspects of keeping our body healthy and also the importance of looking after our emotional wellbeing and mental health. The content and balance can be discussed with your Educator, to support the learning and needs of your class. 

Learning outcomes across the workshops include:

  • What keeping healthy means and identifying foods that help create healthy bodies;
  • Understand how physical activity helps us to stay healthy;
  • Identify things that help us feel good to manage our emotions;
  • Recognise, name and understand how to deal with feelings;
  • Identify personal strengths, skills, achievements and interests; how these contribute to a sense of self-worth;
  • Understand that there is mental as well as physical health and what they can do to improve their mental health and wellbeing;
  • Learn to be aware of and check their emotional needs to help support their mental wellbeing. 
    Practise how to predict, assess and manage risk in different situations;
  • Understand the risks and impact on health of effects of legal drugs common to everyday life (e.g. cigarettes and alcohol)

Find out more about the SCARF Live Online workshops' specific content.

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99% of teachers and headteachers said they would recommend Coram Life Education workshops and SCARF

What teachers say...

“The children have a strong understanding of SCARF and are able to apply it in a range of situations. The session was very helpful in reminding the children of how to use their skills in this area in real-life scenarios.”

“The children loved the interaction with the educator and we got everything we would have got in the mobile classroom.”

“The educator couldn't have been more helpful - the pre-workshop before the live one was really helpful and informative.”

“The children were really engaged and the pace of the workshop went really well. I was really impressed with how the virtual workshop worked.”