The fantastic work we do relies on the dedication of our specialist team, who work hard to keep our programme of resources relevant and up-to-date.

Harriet Gill

Harriet is the Managing Director of Education and Wellbeing for Coram, having strategic responsibility for Coram Life Education and its reach and impact in schools across the UK. Harriet engages with Coram’s Trustees and managers in 20 local areas to ensure the service we offer is delivered across the network to a high standard. Across Coram, Harriet manages the provision of our education and wellbeing services and ensures we gain reach and impact for both our universal and our targeted programmes for children and schools.

Harriet has been a senior manager and leader within the children and young people’s voluntary sector for over 20 years – previously for Brook Young People’s charity and since 2015 at Coram.

Jan Forshaw

Jan has been Head of Education at Coram Life Education since 2002, having been Director of Training and before that an educator and trainer. Her earlier career was in teaching across the middle and primary school age range, including in senior leadership roles.

Jan manages and develops our education services including the content of programmes and their strategic direction. She also manages our evaluation, and ensures the effectiveness of our SCARF resources as a means of embedding wellbeing across schools. Jan is responsible for the systems and processes that ensure the on-going efficacy of both our programmes and our online services for schools.

Justina Horne

Justina has been Coram Life Education’s Training Manager for over ten years, prior to which she was an educator in Nottinghamshire. Justina is also a primary school teacher in Bath.

Justina leads the recruitment, induction, on-going training and quality assurance of all of our educators across the UK, ensuring that they deliver consistent, effective programmes based on good practice. Justina also brings her educational and curriculum expertise into the design (including her experience of co-design with young people) of our specially commissioned educational programmes, projects and resources including bCyberwise internet safety, and the Adoptables Schools’ Toolkit.

In addition to the Coram Life Education central team, we run three branches employing educators and educator managers who reach over 50,000 children per year in 250 schools across London, Essex and East Herts, and Gloucestershire.

And we can only deliver our fantastic work thanks to our broader team of educators and volunteers, who are committed to delivering great teaching and learning everyday.  Click here to discover the team who are working in your local area.

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