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We're excited to announce that Coram Life Education & SCARF is partnering with Neurequity to promote good mental health in the workplace.

As part of our commitment to schools, we want to provide you with access to learning resources, webinars and workshops from trusted partners.

The vast library of Neurequity’s clinically-written material covers a range of topics from managing stress and anxiety, to self-help methods for support your mental wellbeing.

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About Neurequity

Through a holistic and proactive approach, combining live events and interactive eLearning, Neurequity promote a year-round focus on mental wellbeing aimed at creating a healthier workforce.

Neurequity is an inclusive and immersive online workplace mental health and wellbeing learning solution, designed and developed by qualified Clinical Psychologists and built on the evidence of Neuroscience.

The comprehensive and easy-to-access resources empower leaders to implement effective and strategic mental wellbeing initiatives, providing comprehensive and compelling learning experiences for all colleagues.

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Watch our first free webinar for teachers with our partners at Neurequity

Dr Hayley Dare - Consultant Clinical Psychologist with almost 30 years’ professional experience - led the session about mental hygiene and self–care, aimed specifically at teachers and school staff.

By building parity between our physical and mental hygiene practices, we can enhance, protect and, as required, help restore our mental wellbeing. We learned from a young age how to care for our physical health, but were rarely taught how to care for our mental health. Human beings typically don't like being told 'what to do', so we tell you 'why' and 'how' to easily weave psychological self-care into your daily routines to achieve better overall wellbeing.

Watch the Mental Hygiene and Self-care for Teachers webinar 

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