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Coram Life EducationSCARF

Health and wellbeing workshops for 2-11-year-olds

Delivered in our 'LifeSpace' environment, or your classroom

Our health and wellbeing workshops provide high-quality, inspiring enrichment experiences, developing essential life skills. Expert educators deliver workshops covering sensitive issues including drug use, safe and unsafe relationships, and mental health. Children remember these workshops long after they've left primary school. 

Our approach is designed to give pupils a voice and for them to feel empowered, able to identify and articulate their needs and feelings and to make healthy choices. Harold, our healthy-living giraffe mascot, helps to convey these messages to children, within a magical learning environment. Children's experience of Coram Life Education’s workshops is fun, engaging and memorable.

Key content of workshops

Children will:

  • Understand that there is mental as well as physical health and discover what they can do to improve or maintain their mental health.
  • Understand the key elements of a balanced, healthy lifestyle
  • Recognise the impact of diet, exercise, drugs (including medicines) and lifestyle on the way their bodies function.
  • Identify feelings and emotions - in themselves and others - and how doing this can help to maintain positive mental health.
  • Identify qualities of friendship; reasons why friends sometimes fall out; skills for making up again

We have options of workshops being delivered in your classrooms or in our innovative and memorable LifeSpace environment.

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99.6% of teachers said the workshops were well delivered and would recommend them to other schools

What teachers say...

“Fantastic workshop led by a great teacher who aimed the lessons at the appropriate level and had all the children fully engaged.” Aberdeenshire

“The SCARF teacher included all of the children really well. Their opinions and views were all considered and she was very patient with them!” Hampshire

“The session was excellent! The teacher has an excellent, calm, inclusive approach with the children, and respected everyone's contributions. The whole class was really engaged.” Bradford

“The session covered all the learning outcomes in an engaging way that the children were excited and interested in. They could relate to the characters and stories, as most of the children have had similar situations with their friends. They also had the chance to reflect and feel proud that they were able to solve their own problems.” Lancashire