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Subscribe to SCARF On-line

SCARF On-line Resources offer exceptional value for money. The prices quoted are introductory for 2017/18 and cover an annual subscription, enabling teachers to access over 200 easy to use SCARF PSHE curriculum based lessons and planning tools.

Schools booking Life Education delivery where it is available in their local area continue to receive a year's subscription to SCARF at no extra cost, worth up to £520.

ItemDescriptionPrice (+VAT)Buy
SCARF On-lineLarge (301+ pupils / up to 25 subscription users)£520.00
SCARF On-lineMedium (201-300 pupils / up to 20 subscription users)£420.00
SCARF On-lineSmall (up to 200 pupils / up to 15 subscription users)£320.00
SCARF On-lineAdditional subscription above and beyond the allocated subscriptions per school details£50.00

Bespoke Pricing

If you wish to purchase our resources for multiple schools, we can offer FURTHER DISCOUNTS. Simply contact us directly for a bespoke quote.