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SCARF online resources offer exceptional value for money. Prices quoted are for an annual subscription, enabling teachers to access over 270 easy-to-use curriculum-based PSHE, Relationships and Health Education lesson plans, planning and assessment tools.

Schools booking Life Education delivery where it is available in their local area continue to receive a year's subscription to SCARF at no extra cost, worth up to £555.

ItemDescriptionPrice (+VAT)Buy
SCARF On-lineLarge (301+ pupils / up to 30 subscription users)£555.00
SCARF On-lineMedium (201-300 pupils / up to 20 subscription users)£445.00
SCARF On-lineSmall (up to 200 pupils / up to 10 subscription users)£335.00
SCARF On-lineAdditional subscription above and beyond the allocated subscriptions per school details£30.00

Bespoke Pricing

If you wish to purchase our resources for multiple schools, we can offer FURTHER DISCOUNTS. Simply contact us directly for a bespoke quote.