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Coram Life EducationSCARF

SCARF Early Years for all settings

Coram Life Education & SCARF is the UK's leading charity provider of PSHE/PSED and wellbeing education in primary schools from Nursery to Year 6.

SCARF Early Years supports the delivery of the EYFS framework (2021) and Development Matters (2020) guidance, particularly Personal Social, Emotional Development (PSED), and Communication and Language.

SCARF resources are developed by teachers for teachers. Over 50,000 subscribe to SCARF as their chosen provider of PSHE. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Fully resourced comprehensive flexible PSHE/PSED programme
  • Mapping to the revised EYFS framework
  • Supports social and emotional development
  • Comprehensive free staff SCARF webinar/pre-record
  • Access to free and low-cost specialist training
  • Support of a SCARF specialist

SCARF Early Years plans form part of a spiral curriculum that provides the essential building blocks needed to meet the DfE's Relationships Education and Health Education requirements. 

These unique plans and resources are flexible and can be used for any Early Years setting. Rather than prescribed lesson plans, these weekly plans have a range of resources, ideas and activities that will enhance child-led, in-the-moment planning and adult-guided pedagogies.

Our SCARF Early Years plans include:

  • Whole-class introduction
  • Adult-guided activities
  • Independent activities
  • Enhancements for Continuous Provision
  • Talking points
  • SCARF time

Your SCARF subscription entitles you to 12 months' access, free staff webinar training and support from your SCARF specialist.

SCARF Early Years will meet all your PSED needs and beyond, in a child-led and cross-curricular way.

To find out how SCARF can support the wellbeing of your Early Years pupils please contact us.

What teachers say about SCARF

"SCARF has helped me so much in developing my understanding of PSHE and what is needed in the curriculum. Couldn’t recommend it enough."
SCARF Lead, Class teacher

"SCARF plans really meet the teaching and learning approaches for children in the early years. They're not just watered-down KS1 lessons."
EYFS lead, SCARF school