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Dealing with specific subjects and issues

Children's mental health and emotional wellbeing is best supported through planned, integrated PSHE education. SCARF fully supports this approach, and our Planning Tool enables you to build short, medium and long-term plans. But unexpected events or issues that need to be addressed immediately can occur. To help you find the resources you need at the right time, SCARF lessons can be accessed through a comprehensive index of subject and issues.

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Achievement, Additional resources library, Adoption, Alcohol, Animals including humans, Anxiety - additional support for children experiencing anxiety or mental health issues, Appropriate touch, Arranged Marriage, Aspirations, Assertiveness, Being Different, Being Yourself, Bereavement, Birth, Body Changes, Body Image, Body Odour, Body parts, Body parts (including genitalia), British Values, Building self -esteem, Bullying, Caring, Change, Changing Feelings, Citizenship, Civil Partnerships, Communication, Communication Skills, Community, Conception, Confidence, Conflict Resolution, Consent, Cooperation, Dares, Dealing with Change, Dealing with Loss, Decision Making, Democracy, Dental hygiene, Discrimination, Diversity, Drugs, Emotional health, Emotional needs, Emotions, Environment, Falling out, Family, Feelings, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), FGM, Five ways to wellbeing, Forced Marriage, Friendship, Gender, Gender Expectations, Gender Expression, Gender Identity, Getting Help, Great get together, Growing and changing, Growing up, Growth Mindset, Healthy Eating, Healthy Lifestyles, Helping Others, HIV, Homophobic bullying, Hygiene, Identity, Illness, Inappropriate Touch, Independence, Internet Safety, IVF, Keeping Safe, Keeping Safe Online, Law, LGBT, Life Cycles, Loss, Marriage, Masturbation, Media influence, Medicines, Menstruation, Mental health - see Meeting the DfE statutory requirements mapping under My SCARF for these, Money, National Curriculum Science - Relationships elements, Negotiating, New Beginning, Outdoor education, Peer influence, Peer Pressure, Periods, Personal Hygiene, Physical activity, Positive relationships, Pregnancy, Prejudice, Privacy, Puberty, Pupil voice, Racism, Relationships, Relationships Education (formerly SRE or RSE), Reproduction, Resilience, Respect, Responsibility, Rights, Risk-taking, Rules and Laws, Safeguarding, Safety, Saving, Science, Secrets, Seeking Help, Sex, Sexting, Sexual Orientation, Sleep, Smoking, Social Norms, Standing up for yourself, Stereotypes, STI, Stigma, Sun safety, Support networks, Surrogacy, Talents, Teamwork, Teeth, Tolerance, Trust, Unwanted Touch, Vaccination and immunisation, Viruses, Wet Dreams.