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What teachers say about SCARF Live Online workshops

"The children loved the interaction with the educator and we got everything we would have got in the mobile classroom."
"The educator couldn't have been more helpful - the pre-session before the live one was really helpful and informative."
"The children were really engaged and the pace of the session went really well. I was really impressed with how the virtual session worked."
"A really well organised lesson, paced just right for the age of the children. Kept the children engaged as there was a lot of material covered."
"Relevant to the needs of the children."
"The educator was really clear and explained the concept of mental and physical health really well in a child friendly way. The pre-session tasks gave the children an insight and background information on what to expect so they were prepared for the session."
"It was a fun, interactive way to deliver the lesson."
"Excellent live lesson engaging pupils fully."
"It was engaging and really got the children thinking about their own wellbeing."
"The topics covering mental well-being which is a priority in the current circumstances and the children had a pre session to prepare the well for the online session. The children loved completing the wellness booklet and it was a lovely resource to use."
"Presentation was well prepared and delivered efficiently and professionally."
"Easy to access, instructions clear. Children engaged and opportunities to be involved as they would have been previously."
"The information was presented in a great way that was fun and enjoyable for the children in very difficult circumstances."
"The online session was really engaged and delivered really well."
Educator smiling as she delivers SCARF Live Online workshopEducator looking surprised as she delivers a SCARF Live Online workshoEducator waving as she delivers a SCARF Live Online workshop