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Making the most of SCARF

Free staff training for all SCARF schools

Building staff confidence is vital to implementing an effective PSHE (including RSHE) curriculum.

Training will contribute significantly to teachers' understanding of how the principles of PSHE education can have a positive impact across the whole school. 

Our Making the most of SCARF comprehensive staff training is included in your SCARF subscription.  We also provide year-round support and guidance to every SCARF school - all at no extra charge. 

SCARF schools can also take advantage of the regular free and low-cost training opportunities that we provide. Find out more and view our current training offers.

Please contact us to arrange your training if you've not already received this.

Not yet a SCARF school?

If you're not yet a SCARF school you can sign up for our no-obligation, free six-week trial, giving you access to a full half-term's unit of SCARF lesson plans from N to Y6 (Eng) P7 (Sco).

You can also access our free Mental Health toolkit, here.

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