Children's mental health toolkit

A free toolkit, originally produced to support Children's Mental Health Week and celebrate SCARF values - available now with your SCARF licence as an enhancement to your SCARF curriculum mental health and wellbeing resources.

This pack also contains resources to support you in holding a Wear your Scarf to School Day. If you didn't manage to join the official event in February you can still use the resources to hold your own day to promote the SCARF values and even raise funds. 

This children's mental health and special event day resource pack includes:

  • Activities to celebrate the SCARF values – impacting positively on children's mental health, behaviour and achievement   
  • Additional, flexible and age-appropriate resources to help promote positive mental health strategies
  • Template letters for parents/carers, explaining the event to them
  • Assembly resources - including a special video message from Harold the giraffe!
  • Fundraising opportunities – helping you to fund your SCARF package, or raise funds for your chosen charity.
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