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Helping children overcome maths anxiety – activities and guidance

Helping children who are anxious about maths can be a challenge. Your child might be resistant to your help, or you might not know how best to develop their understanding of a particular problem.

We've teamed up with the financial services organisation, TP ICAP, to bring you this guidance, along with tried and tested resources to help you.

We recommend that you read the 'before you start' guidance first.

father and primary-age daugther working together on a maths homework problem
Before you start

Tips and ideas for how to help your child

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Mother with two primary-age sons, baking together, with cake-making ingredients and measuring tools
Maths around the home

Bringing maths into everyday life at home

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Primary-age girl writing on post-it notes and surrounded by maths equipment including a set square and abacus.
Practice makes progress

Resources providing extra practice opportunities

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Photograph of primary-age boy struggling with maths homework and looking despondent.
More on maths anxiety

Information about maths anxiety and how to overcome it

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