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Talking with your child about sensitive topics 

About SCARF 

When schools share with parents the content within SCARF, it is hoped this gives parents the confidence to start talking about, what may be seen by some, as the more sensitive, trickier topics with their children.

The introduction of statutory Relationships and Health Education has meant that schools have had to review their curriculum and consider whether it really is fit for purpose and meets children's needs. As part of this process, topics such as safeguarding children both online and offline, are being included. In response to current data about risk these topics are also being introduced earlier in the curriculum. These conversations then need to be covered at home, where children are likely to spend most of their online time.

We know that teaching children the correct words for different parts of their body helps them to report abuse, something we never want to have to think about, and hope our child will never need to report; nevertheless, this is something we need to consider.

The earlier we start to have conversations that seem tricky and awkward, the more practice we will have and the better we will be at answering children's questions and providing them with support when they reach their teenage years.   

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Further guidance

Here are links to more information to support you in talking with your child about their health and wellbeing, including healthy relationships, changes that happen at puberty and sex education.

Helping your older child to understand changes at puberty.

Age-appropriate books and other resources to help parents and carers talk about sensitive topics