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Harold's Great Get Together! You're invited! 

Information for teachers, parents and carers

What is it?

Harold is inviting children in school and at home to join him in celebrating The Great Get Together. It's a national event that celebrates the power of caring communities!

How do we join in?

Harold would love it if children would send him something, like pictures or poems - anything that reflects their caring community.

Here are some ideas to get children started:

  • A special place like a park or garden that your community takes care of.
  • A special community group like Brownies, Cubs, or a special sports club that you're part of.
  • A picture of a lovely memory you have from a community event - like a delicious cake you ate at a summer fair!
  • Or a game that you played at a fun community event. 

In fact, ANYTHING that shows us all the lovely, caring things that happen in your neighbourhood. And there will be lots of of caring things that have happened over the last few months, while we've been helping each other cope with all the changes to our normal lives.

If you want some more ideas - check out these brilliant ones from The Great Get Together's website.

When is it?

You'll have to be super-quick, because Harold's Great Get Together is THIS WEEK! It's on Friday 19th of June!

On that day he's going to be showing the pictures and writing you've sent in on his special Great Get Together Gallery on his diary page

What do I do next?

Get your children to start thinking, drawing and writing and send their pictures, poems or other work to Harold at cle@coram.org.uk  Make sure they arrive by 5p.m. on Thursday 18th of June.

Need a starter idea?

Harold has made this special template for children's drawings. You don't have to use it but you can, if it will help you to get started!

Safeguarding and permissions

We are asking for drawings and art work, but please ensure that children only write their first name on the pictures. They could also add their age and if at school, their school name.

Photograph permissions

If you have some photographs that include children, we can only publish these if a full Coram Life Education media consent form has been completed and signed by each child's parent/carer.

Please download this here and return the completed form with any photographs, making clear which photograph relates to which media consent form.