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My Daily Diary - by Harold

MY STAY-AT-HOME HOLIDAY DIARY! Day 1 - Monday 6th of April 

Hello! It's the school holidays! It's bit different from the usual holidays, though, isn't it!

I'm going to invent some things I can do just for fun, for the next two weeks. I'm going to write the ideas in this diary so that you can see them. Then you could have some fun with them, too! My ideas will be for things do to inside! I'm going to be an Indoor Ideas Inventor! Ha ha ha!

I'll need some By Myself  things, for when everyone else is busy, as well as All Together  things for when they're not!

Hmmmm.... that's a lot to think about!

Hey! That gives me an idea! Maybe you could think of some things that are fun to do at home - during By Myself  time and All Together  time. Then you'll be an Indoor ideas Inventor, too!

Let me think! We can't go shopping for things, so we're going to need ideas for that don't need lots of stuff. (But I've got some paper and some pencils. I think I've got a glue stick, too!) We can use old cardboard boxes - in fact there are lots of things that we usually just throw away or recyle that we might be able to use too! 

Maybe you can think of some games or activities that don't need ANYTHING.

Here's an idea for a starter!

Alphabet Objects

Find 1 object in your home for every letter of the alphabet.

If you have paper and a pencil you could draw or write each object!

Treasure Hunt at Home!

I nearly forgot! My friend Jane gave me an idea for an indoor treasure hunt! Here's how it works...

  • Get some small pieces of paper or card, cut from an empty cereal packet - about the size of playing cards. The more you have, the longer the game will last, but about 10.
  • Write clues on each piece of paper or card. The clue on the first card leads the 'hunter' to the next card. Here's an exmple "You'll find me next to where you wash your hands..." (that means the next clue is hidden next to a sink or bathroom basin!) Or you could make the clues rhyme, with a missing word. Like this one: "When we're sleeping in our bed, this is where we rest out ____". Did you guess? The missing word is HEAD and the next clue is hidden under a PILLOW! Remeber that the last clue leads to some treasure! Maybe a treat to eat - or a special card that you've made!

Can you think of any other ideas for games in the home?

If you send me your ideas I can put some of them on my diary so that everyone else can see them, too!

I'll send a special certificate to everyone who sends in an idea!

Send your ideas by email to cle@coram.org.uk - REMEMBER to ask for permission from your grown-up at home before you send your message to me!

I'm going to start by making a badge for myself that says:

Harold the Indoor Ideas Inventor!

You could make one, too!

Bye for now.

Love from Harold



.Harold the Indoor Ideas Inventor

Day 10 - Friday 3rd of April

Friday again, already! And today is Friendship Friday - all about connecting with our friends and family.

I'm feeling a bit sad this morning, because on Fridays I used to go to lunchtime art club at school with my friends, Derek and Kiki. I miss Derek - he makes me laugh. And I miss Kiki because she's so full of fun. She's a bundle of bouncing energy. 

Do you like the picture of us all? There's Derek on the right. He's really good at art and he loves making us laugh. 

Kiki - she's on the left - she loves bouncing and she's really good at maths. 

Just looking at that picture has cheered me up and I've had an idea! Maybe I could talk to Kiki and Derek using my computer. I'll have to check with my mum first, but she lets me do talking with my friends on our tablet, if I ask her first. Maybe my mum could help me to talk to them both at the same time! That would be fun. Then we could do bouncing and art together - but maybe not at the same time! That would get a bit messy!

Here's a little activity that I'm going to do today - something to cheer me up if I'm feeling a bit sad. It's my Happy, Sad, Happy puppet. Would you like to make one? You can print the picture and use that, or if you don't have a printer, you can just draw around a cup and make the circles, then draw on the faces, and then follow the instructions on the sheet!

Happy Sad Happy

Your messages from yesterday have really cheered me up too. A special thank you goes to Delphi who wrote to me with some really great ideas for how she would help her sister and her mum on Thoughtful Thursday. Thank you so much Delphi! I'm going to send you one of my special certificates!

I'm going to be having a break from writing my diary over the Easter holidays, but my friend Jane gave me a really good idea for having a treasure hunt, inside the home! So if you come back on Monday, you'll be able to see it. Then maybe you could plan your own treasure hunt in your home! 

Have a fantastic Friendship Friday and remember - maybe you could get your grown-up helper to send me your ideas for being a good friend. You can find me on twitter: twitter@CoramLifeEd or 


or send an email to cle@coram.org.uk 

Stay happy and healthy! See you soon.

Love from Harold xxx



Day 9 - Thursday 2nd of April

Hello! Phew! Yesterday was Work-out Wednesday. I did all of the Let's Get Moving exercises to my favourite music. The music really helped me to keep going when I was getting tired. My favourite moves were 'climb a ladder' and 'dance around'. Which ones did you like best?

Did you spot the little joke in my puzzle, yesterday? Well the date was April the 1st. Sometimes people call this April Fool's Day and they play little tricks on their friends and family, like saying: 'Oh, it's snowing!' when it isn't, or: 'There's a mouse over there!' when there isn't. They try to catch people out. My little April Fool's joke was that I said spaghetti grows on trees! Well actually, spaghetti doesn't grow on trees!  But if it did - and if it took 1 month to grow 6cm long - then it would take 4 months to grow to 24cm long!

Well done to Tabbi who was the first person to get the sum right. I hope you like your special Harold certificate Tabbi! Thanks for your lovely message!

Today it's Thoughtful Thursday. Do you remember my Wellbeing Wheel and all the 5 things we need to try to do each to help us feel happy and healthy? Well one of them is 'Think of Others'.  Let me see... that could be by helping somebody with a little job like clearing up after dinner, or maybe cheering them up if they're sad. Can you think of some ideas?

Here's a little chart for you - it's a star chart for kindness ideas! Can you fill all the big stars with ideas?

Click on the picture to view or print.

Maybe if you have a printer, you could print this out and fill in the stars. But if you don't then you could draw stars on some paper and then fill them in! 

I can't believe that tomorrow is Friday already - that's nearly two weeks since my school closed! I miss seeing my friends Derek (he's a penguin) and Kiki (she's a kangaroo). Hey! That gives me an idea - maybe one day I can tell you about them in my diary! So many things to tell you and so much to do! I'd better get started because I've got to think of my own ideas for Thoughtful Thursday and how I can show kindness!

Have a thoroughly thoughtful Thursday and remember - maybe you could get your grown-up helper to send me your ideas for how you can be kind today. You can find me on twitter: twitter@CoramLifeEd or 


or send an email to cle@coram.org.uk 

Stay happy and healthy! See you tomorrow.

Love from Harold xxx

P.S.  A long, long time ago there was a news report on television all about spaghetti growing on trees in Switzerland - it was broadcast on April the first. So it was an April Fool story! My grandma told me about it because she remembers seeing it on the 1st of April, 1957! That's 63 years ago! Bye!

Here's a picture of me doing my daily outside exercise, too! I did a lot of exercise yesterday!
Harold getting ready to run


Day 8 - Wednesday 1st of April

And it's... P.E. with Harold!

YES! It's Work-Out Wednesday! Do you remember that Monday was Mindful Monday and yesterday was Try Out Tuesday? Did you manage to do the Brain Gym exercises or make up any of your own? Some of them were a bit tricky!

Well I hope you're feeling energetic today because I've got some fun exercises for us all! Don't worry if you're not feeling energetic though, in fact did you know that if someone is feeling a bit tired, or a bit fed up, exercise can actually help them to feel more awake and can even cheer them up! That's because when we do exercise some special 'feel-good' chemicals in our brain are woken up and help us to feel better.

But before we start our exercises, I have a little puzzle for you to think about - a brain warm-up! Here's my puzzle: if it takes one month for spaghetti to grow 6cm long on a spaghetti tree, how many months does it take for it to grow to 24cm? Hmmmm... I wonder. You can find out more at the bottom of today's diary.

Back to our Work-Out Wednesday. 

My activity is called Let's Get Moving. You can do the exercises to music if possible - or even just sing along as you do them, if you don't have any music! Singing is a type of exercise, too! It makes our lungs stronger. Click on the picture below to see the exerices. If you can print the page that would be great! Don't worry if you can't - you can just look at it on the screen and give each exercise a mark.

Do you like the picture of me doing my exercises? My friend Alex drew it! Maybe if you have a printer, you could print it out and colour it in! Remember to colour my scarf!

Just before I go... did you work out the answer to my spaghetti puzzle? If you did, maybe you could get your grown-up to send a message to me with the answer? But don't worry if they're too busy, juggling jobs! Maybe you could give them a helping hand. I'll put the answer in my diary tomorrow. 

You can find me on twitter: 

twitter@CoramLifeEd or facebook.com/CoramLifeEducation

or send an email to cle@coram.org.uk 

Have a wonderful Work-Out Wednesday!

Remember, stay happy and healthy! See you tomorrow.

Love from Harold xxx


DAY 7 - Tuesday, 31st of March

It's the last day of March, already! Do you remember the daffodil magic trick? I wonder if you tried it out.

Well, here's my experiment. I took one daffodil from the pot on our windowsill (I asked mum, before I did this, of course!)

Then my mum helped me find the blue food colouring. We had to empty a WHOLE cupboard and it was hiding right at the back. The lid was stuck on - that was a tricky moment because I think my mum was worried that I was going to spill it. The lid did pop off a bit suddenly - whoosh! But luckily I was holding the bottle over the sink, so when some did spill it wasn't on the floor.

Then I mixed the water with the food colouring in a glass and put the daffodil in the water... and waited. Look what happened! In just one day! 

Daffodil Magic

Mum said that this is plant science - called BIOLOGY! I never knew that flowers and food colouring could be science! And then I found out that BIO means 'life' and LOGY means 'study of' - so BIOLOGY is the study of life!  And daffodils are living plants!

Which colour do you like the best - the yellow one, or the blue one? 

I've been looking at my Wellbeing Wheel (there's a picture of it in yesterday's diary - it's wheely, wheely good. Ha ha ha!) I've decided that I'm going to do something new today. It's Tuesday, so I'm doing Try Out Tuesday - and I'm going to try out something new. I have some puzzles called Brain Gym. They're like exercises for our brain, instead of our body! 

Brain Gym - print or read on screen

Hey! I nearly forgot! Do you like the drawing of me in the bath that my friend Alex made? He's even put my scarf on it! One day, when I've got more time, I'll tell you all about my scarf. It's very special to me. Some of you might know all about it, already! But now I'm busy, busy, busy. It's time for my skipping exercises AND my brain exercises. I'm going to invent my own Brain Gym puzzle, too. And later today I'm going to invent a new tongue-twister. I'm having a brain-growing day for Try Out Tuesday.

Maybe you could invent a new Brain Gym puzzle and try it out on the people at home with you? 

Then maybe your grown-up helper could help you send a message to me with your idea for a Brain Gym puzzle. Then I can tell everyone about it in my diary tomorrow! You can find me on Twitter: twitter@CoramLifeEd or facebook.com/CoramLifeEducation

Have a 'wheely' good day, maybe trying out a new skill yourself.

Stay happy and healthy! See you tomorrow.

Love from Harold xxx

Click on my picture and print it - then you can colour it in!

DAY 6 - Monday, 30th of March

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? 

Before I forget, thanks for your guesses about my favourite book! I love Tracy Beaker, too, Falak. And I love the sound of your favourite book, Jasmine - Lola the Lollyop Fairy! Maybe one day those will be my favourite books because sometimes our favourite things change, don't they? I love going to the library and I can't wait to go again one day! I love reading, too, and it's great now that I have more time to read because I don't have any after school clubs. 

My favourite book at the moment is called You Choose. Do you know it? I love it because it takes to me amazing places that I can go to in my imagination, now that I can't go very far outside. 

Do you remember my daily planner from last Monday? It has all the things I need to try to do every day, to keep happy and healthy. There are the five things...

  1. Be Active
  2. Get Creative
  3. Mindful Moments
  4. Connect with Others 
  5. Give to Others

Well, my friend Alex has made a special drawing of the five things. I've called it my Wellbeing Wheel! 

This week I'm going to try to do all five things every day but I'm going to choose ONE thing to do extra specially carefully.

Today is going to be Mindful Monday! I'm going to think especially carefully about the things I can do to help me relax, and enjoy what I'm doing - whatever it is!  

Hmmmm. I could do some drawing or colouring. I could listen to some music. I could have a lovely long bath! Maybe you could think of some other ideas for how to relax and just enjoy the 'now' time!

I'm going to start by colouring my Wellbeing Wheel. Maybe doing that will give me some more ideas, too. 

Time for morning exercises now, though! I'm getting better at skipping. I practised at the weekend. On Friday I could only do 10 skips before getting tangled - and now I'm up to 59! That's nearly 60! It's true that practising - over and over and over - makes you get better at things!

Remember... if it's ok with your grown-up you could send me a message. You can find me on Twitter: twitter @CoramLifeEd or facebook.com/CoramLifeEducation

I hope you have a marvellous, mindful Monday! Keep happy and healthy.

Love from Harold xxx

Wellbeing Wheel
Click on my wellbeing wheel and then print it - then you can colour it in!

DAY 5 - Friday, 27th of March

Hello! Do you have some sellotape? I hope so, because it will be really handy if you're going to do my activity for today! But don't worry if you don't have any - of if you can't find it - it's not totally essential.

It's already the end of the first week of my school being closed and I'm going to be doing some reading and some drawing today.

I love reading and I love books. Stories are like adventures that you can carry around, keep close to you and peek into when you have time or if you're bored. You can travel to a whole other place and a whole other place when you're reading a book, even though you're actually just sitting still in a chair or lying  quietly in bed!

Sometimes having a quiet time can help me if I'm feeling tired or unwell. And sometimes it can help me if I'm feeling cross and grumpy! Do you have someting that helps you to feel better if you're you're feeling tired or grumpy?

My activity today is all about having a quiet time and about reading. It's a story about me, my friend Dibna and YOU! Yes, you! You can be in the story, too! Maybe if you can get a grown-up helper to print the two pages below, you can add yourself to my story. And here's when the sellotape comes in handy - to stick the two pages together. But don't worry if you can't print it. You can still read the story and add your name in a saying-it-out-loud way, instead of writing!

A time to be quiet - story activity

Click on the image and then print it. Then you can add yourself to the story!

Do you like the picture of me reading with my family? Maybe you can print that too, and colour it in - or have a go at drawing it. I like to do colouring. It helps me to feel calm and relaxed if I've been feeling fed-up or worried. Do you have something that you do that helps you to feel calm and relaxed?

My teacher calls this a Mindful Moment. Hey! That gives me an idea! My friend Alex - he's whiz at art - has drawn me a picture with a Mindful Moment on it! I think I'm going to put it onto my diary next week to show you.

Better go now, though, because it's time for my exercises. I found an old skipping rope that I'd forgotten about. It was in the cupboard with the Cluedo! I'm going to try to get to 50 skips in a row without getting tangled up in the rope! Wish me luck!

Before I go.... remember - if your grown-up helper thinks it's ok, and isn't super, super busy, maybe they could help you send a message to me, telling me the name of your favourite book and why you like it so much. You can find me on Twitter: twitter @CoramLifeEd or facebook.com/CoramLifeEducation

Or maybe you could try to guess my favourite book!

Stay happy and healthy - and calm! Have a lovely weekend and I'll be back on Monday.

Love from Harold xxx

Click on the image and then print it. Then you can colour Harold in!

DAY 4 - Thursday, 26th of March

Hello! It's Thursday already - that's nearly the weekend!

Well, today is all about Helping Others - one of my 5 daily things to do. Mum is going to teach me how to make a cup of tea - being safe is very important, so I’ll be very, very careful. 

Then later today I'm going to help by making a raita to go with our dinner. Have you ever had raita? You can have a look at my recipe and maybe make it yourself one day! It's tangy-tastic! (Oops! I think I just made up that word.) 

Raita recipe

First of all, though, I'm going to do some work from my school home-learning pack. Do you have one, too? I'm starting with some writing. Hey! That reminds me! A big hello to everyone at St Hilda's school in Bushey! One of your fantastic teachers told me that Form 2 are going to be looking at my diary in your Remote Learning Literacy Lesson.

WOW! A whole Remote Learning class! That must be so amazing - being apart but together. And looking at my diary!

Maybe one day some of you will write a diary that will become famous. I've been finding out about famous people who wrote diaries. I read about Marie Curie and Charles Darwin and Rosa Parks. Maybe you could find out why they became famous - you could have a Diary Detectives Day (DDD!)

I'm excited about tonight, too, because it's family games night! We're going to play a board game. I like Cluedo - that's a detective game where you have to search for clues.  What's your favourite board game? 

Well I'd better get started on my school work, then it will be time for my exercises. So much to do!

Oh! I nearly forgot - do you remember the daffodil magic trick from yesterday's diary? Well someone has really kindly send me a photograph of their daffodil experiment. Here it is!


Thank you Olive from Dorset for the lovely picture.

I wonder if they're starting to change colour this morning.

Have a happy day everyone - I hope that you have time to do some things to help others, too! And just before you go, here's an amazing fact for you: when we help other people it actually makes us feel happier, as well as the people we're helping! That's double the happiness!

Maybe your grown-up helper could help you send a message to me about the helpful things you've done today. You can find me on Twitter: twitter @CoramLifeEd or facebook.com/CoramLifeEducation

I love hearing from you!

Stay happy and healthy - and helpful (HHH! Ha ha ha!) See you tomorrow!

Love from Harold xxx

Harold helps to make tea
Click on the image and then print it. Then you can colour Harold in!

DAY 3 - Wednesday, 25th of March 

I’ve been making the most of the sunshine - from my window I can see some flowers and some trees with teeny tiny green leaves starting to sprout! And on my windowsill I have a pot of flowers. Can you guess what they are?  

Yes! They’re daffodils! My friend Alex drew this picture of me with some. If you can print it at home you can colour it in. Daffodils are mostly yellow but you could do rainbow ones! That reminds me... here's a trick that you can do with daffodils (or other flowers). It’s like magic! 

  1. Put some water in a glass or a vase.
  2. Then put some drops of food colouring in the water – any colour you like – about 20 drops, or about a teaspoon.
  3. Next, put your daffodil - or other flower - into the water.
  4. Wait and watch! 

You need to be patient to see what happens, but it’s amazing. 

If you don't have any flowers handy, you can see what happens on this Colouring Daffodils film that my mum found. 

I love how daffodil heads look like little trumpets. My friend Derek the penguin plays the trumpet - so they remind me of him. I play with Derek every day at school. Now that school is closed I can look at the daffodils and think of Derek. Aaaah!

Last night I talked to him! Mum set this up safely for me on the computer. We played Kim’s game – have you ever played it? It’s a memory game, so it helps to keep my brain active. You could play it too! It’s easy. Here’s how…

  • Collect some small objects from around the home, then put them on a tray or a table. 
  • Then give people who are playing one minute to memorise the objects.  
  • When the minute’s up, cover the objects with a tea towel or cloth. 
  • How many can they name from memory? No peeking under the tea towel! (Derek couldn't peek becuase he wasn't even in the same home as me!)

Even though we were in separate homes it was still really fun.

Here's your own special copy of Kim's game and there are some other games on it, too. Maybe your grown-up helper could print it for you. 

Kim's game

Your grown-up helper might be able to help you send a message from you to me, too. You can find me on Twitter: twitter @CoramLifeEd or facebook.com/CoramLifeEducation.   

I love hearing from you!

Stay happy and healthy! See you tomorrow!

Love from Harold xxx

Harold's daffodils
Click on the image and then print it. Then you can colour Harold in!

DAY 2 - Tuesday, 24th of March 

Happy Tuesday everyone! I'm so excited this morning, because my friend just messaged me to say that Marwell Zoo have a giraffe cam set up and it's going to be switched on at 9a.m.  Would you like to see the giraffes, too? Just click HERE if you do.  I can't wait!

Hope that you had a good day yesterday and thanks sooooooo much for the lovely pictures that some of you got your grown-up helpers to tweet! I was so excited to see them.

Today is my second day away from school and I'm going to be doing some cooking. We made pancakes for breakfast this morning - that was fun!

Mum says that I can help with making some vegetable soup, later. I've never made soup before - and that's great because today I wanted to learn something new.  

And I've just realised - if I help with making the soup, then I'm doing two things from my list of the five things that will help me to keep happy and healthy! Can you guess what they are?

Well, one is Get Creative - cooking is creating something! The other is Give to Others - I'm giving my mum a helping hand in the kitchen.  She said that I can peel the carrots and the onion (that might make my eyes water a bit!) and some other bits of veg that need using up but we don't want to throw away; mum says that soup is great for using things up!

I’m really excited about learning something new.

Do you have a favourite recipe? I’ve put one of my SCARF recipes on here that you might like to try. Remember - always ask a grown-up at home before you start any cooking, so that they can help you be safe. 


Smoothie recipe
Download Harold's shake recipe


You can be creative with that milkshake recipe, too. Just swap anything that you don't have with something else - maybe you could send me your recipe ideas?

Better get started because I need to plan my other activities, too, like Being Active and Connecting with Others. Yesterday I did 50 star jumps and I did running on the spot for 5 minutes!

I'd love to hear about any new things that you're learning to do today. Maybe you could get your grown-up to send a message you can find me on Twitter: @CoramLifeEd or facebook.com/CoramLifeEducation.   

Stay happy and healthy!

Love from Harold xxx

Harold cooking

DAY 1 - Monday, 23rd of March 

HELLO! It's the first day of school being closed.

First day of my daily diary. Let’s get planning! 

I know that to look after myself I need to try to do these five different things every day. These will help me to stay happy and healthy.  


  1. Be Active
  2. Get Creative
  3. Mindful Moments
  4. Connect with Others 
  5. Give to Others

Mmmmm! Let me see. I'm going to start with Be Active - I can do some exercises in at home for that - star jumps and running on the spot. 

For Get Creative I might do some drawing, or maybe some puzzles. Oh! And there's my home-learning pack from school - and I'm writing this diary!

For Mindful Moments I'm going to do some colouring. Maybe you'd like to do some too? You can draw your own picture or there's a picture of me for you to print and colour.

Connecting - that's easy! I'll talk to my grandma and my friends Derek and Kiki. They're all at home, so my mum will help me to connect safely online with them, later.

Give to others. Hmmmmm. I know! I'll help by doing some tidying up later. 

There's so much to remember! I'm glad that my mum helped to make my Daily Routine Chart! 

Download daily planner
Download and print your own daily planner


I’d better get started because there's a lot to do. I'll be back tomorrow with more ideas for staying happy and healthy. 

I'd love to hear your ideas, too. Maybe you could get your grown-up to message Harold on Twitter @CoramLifeEd or facebook.com/CoramLifeEducation.   

Stay happy and healthy!

Love from Harold xxx


Colour in Harold making a plan
Click on the image and then print it. Then you can colour Harold in!

Hello everyone!

I'm looking forward to sharing my daily diary with you, starting on Monday 23rd of March!  Wait a minute... that's tomorrow! I'm so excited!

See you on Monday!

Love from Harold xxx

Hello from Harold