Life Education Northamptonshire reach: 19,938 children in 113 schools (2016/17)

Working in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes.

We have been providing primary schools in the county with health and Drug prevention education for the last 18 years and during that time we have seen over 20,000 children in our classrooms each year. Our sessions are age related and aimed at children from reception to year 6. In addition we have 3 secondary school modules aimed specifically at years 7, 8 and 9 offering strategies to prevent the misuse of alcohol, smoking and drugs.

Some of the things that schools have said about us..............

Millbrook Junior

Brilliant presentation, and the children really enjoyed their visit. We all learnt something new, thank you, we loved Harold. The children were really engaged.

Whitehills Primary

As usual an excellent programme involving all the children and also great fun at the same time. Thank you Pamela, it was wonderful .

Duston Eldean

The children were engaged and on task, they learnt a lot about the brain and the body. The subjects were covered in a fun way that the children could understand. Thank you for teaching the crocodiles today we enjoyed it , you were very enthusiastic and engaged well with the class.

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