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SCARF is always up to date - ready for new statutory requirements for Relationships Education

"I feel so confident going back to school and delivering info to staff and ensuring we are ready for statutory RSE requirements. A lovely day. Thanks!"     Teacher feedback from Relationships Education 1-day teacher training course, Preston

We offer you a Relationship Education programme that is:

  • Tried and tested in real classrooms with teachers
  • Designed to be delivered by confident teachers and with the option of support from our educator team
  • Regularly updated online to meet statutory requirements. 

The resources form part of the SCARF subscription. We also offer educator-delivered interactive sessions. You have the option to combine these elements, tailoring them to the unique needs of your school.

We also offer one-day teacher training workshops to build teachers' confidence and expertise.  Our online resources contain easily accessed films modelling good practice; these support teachers in delivering our Relationships Education lessons safely and effectively.

Find out about the statutory requirements for schools and how we can help, and read our new Q&A where we have responded to the questions you have been asking us.

What is Relationships Education?

Find out about the support we offer schools through our resources and training.

Training and resources for teachers

How you can enhance your health and Relationships Education provision by inviting our trained educators in to support your programme.

Supporting your health and relationships education

How we help you work in partnership with parents.

Working in partnership with parents

Find out if our educators can deliver SCARF in your school

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