Relationships Education

GirlsTalkingOur Relationships Education (as part of Relationships and Sex Education) promotes emotional wellbeing.

Delivered as part of PSHE or Science, this programme incorporates puberty lessons and helps schools meet their SMSC development, safeguarding, and emotional wellbeing requirements. 

Our Relationships Education resources are included as part of our SCARF On-line subscription, but are also offered as educator-delivered interactive sessions.  

What's needed

When we researched schools’ readiness for statutory ‘Relationships and Sex Education’ from 2019, more than a
third of head teachers told us they need additional support to teach the subject, and that the topic is most
effective when delivered as part of a broader PSHE curriculum. We have designed new Relationships Education resources in response to this need. Building on the foundations of our online SCARF programme, the resources combine the themes of keeping safe, relationships and growing and changing, meeting schools SMSC, safeguarding and emotional wellbeing requirements. 

Read more about our research and findings.

What we offer

We offer you programmes and resources that are tried and tested in the real classroom, delivered by confident educators and teachers, and regularly updated online, in line with requirements. They include:

  • A comprehensive set of age-appropriate online lesson plans (and related activity materials) for all primary year groups.
  • Teacher guidance and support materials - demonstrating good practice and how to implement a Relationships Education programme safely and effectively.
  • Three sessions led by our educators – one each for years 4, 5 and 6, or P5, 6 and 7 in Scotland. Because our research shows that schools have wide-ranging needs, the content of these can be tailored to each school.

    ‘Really well suited to my class. Was easy to follow lesson plans and I liked the video clips too. Would definitely use again’ Teacher, Dorset

Themes covered:

  • Keeping Safe - including specific themes addressing body image and ownership, safe and unsafe touches, secrets, staying safe online, sharing personal information and or images (building on the existing bCyberwise resources).
  • Relationships – identifying healthy and unhealthy relationships, developing assertiveness and safe behaviours in relationships - building on the SCARF resources which address these issues.
  • Growing and Changing – including human reproduction and changes at puberty.

Get in touch with your local team to find out about the support we can offer you and discuss your school's requirements, or subscribe to SCARF to access all of our wellbeing and PSHE resources including our Relationships Education resources.


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