Life Education Bradford

Life Education Bradford reach: 27,960 children in 84 schools! (2015/16)

About us:

Life Education nationwide is a delivery partner with Coram, the oldest children’s charity, established in 1739 as the Foundling Hospital in London.

Within this umbrella organisation Life Education Bradford is established as an independent charitable company, and has been working throughout Bradford for 25 years this year.

What we can offer:

  • KS1 and KS2 programmes in our specially designed mobile classrooms
  • KS2 sessions in the school classroom
  • KS3 classroom based Drug and Alcohol awareness programmes (Years 7 and 8)
  • Behaviour and Safety training for school staff, including lunch time supervisors
  • Assembly and Parents’ workshops
  • SEN ‘Living my Life’ designed specifically for children with special education needs from ages 3-18

Life Education Bradford and our educators provide, new, varied and regularly updated programmes and services to support schools in their aims towards healthy lifestyles for their children, parents and communities.

Life Education Bradford is now expanding its capacity to work in areas surrounding Bradford. We currently have 3 educators and 4 mobile classrooms.

Here are some of the quotes from children at Allerton Primary School:

It builds steps…as you get older you want to know how your body reacts…the Life Caravan provides all you need to know about your body, feelings, friends, surroundings and relationships.” (Simrah, aged 10)

I can’t express enough how much we want all students to discover it”. (Halima, aged 10)

Life Education Bradford